You are Beautiful, Embrace it !

As soon as we type down the letters BEAUTY on the search engine , the first thing we get is that beauty is the quality which gives pleasure to the senses. Now the concern is that how society took it to be the fairness , curves or whatever external beauty means that is what’s giving us the pleasure as this is something astonishing and a matter to look into. Let me tell you where it started from……we as kids , were sent to the learning institutions and asked to distinguish between these two pictures where one held a woman with white toned skin , long hair etc and the other just the opposite and the caption said that the first one was beautiful and second was ugly. At this point only the innocent minds were filled with the misconception of what beauty exactly meant……whether it was the appearance and looks or the purity of heart and soul. There is no doubt that still people are clueless of this fact. If we go deeper into this we can find that beauty has a lot of dimensions whether it is exotic , exquisite or enchanting. To me beauty isn’t always physical and it could be anything like having a good personality , nature or what we describe as inner beauty. It’s not about having a pretty face but it has to be a pretty heart , pretty mind and a pretty soul. What we need to focus and the point  which we often overlook is that beauty lies in the eyes of beholder. It’s all about the way that how the person visualises , observes and perceives it.

Beauty is not in the face; it is a light in the heart.

Kahlil Gibran

It was never meant to be defined by soft skin , fair tone , shaped eyebrows , curves etc. People are always getting insecure of their looks , about the fear of being judged by the society which never saw the kindness and charmness someone had .Someone needs to tell these people that its okay to have scars , bruises on your knees , parched lips, large thighs ,  pointed nose etc .This is what makes us unique and special. Everytime I look at my scars…I think of resilience, its never going to fade and I don’t want it to because its a sign that I fought. Hiding them was never a solution but holding them with pride is. Go to a pregnant woman and she will show you the stretch marks on her tummy and breasts ….the marks which show that she was the reason a new life came into existence, they are the proof and it means more than any of your opinion. Sit with your grandparents and you will see the wrinkles on their foreheads and cheeks which are not wrinkles but the survival lines of their life, each one holds a different story , laugh and a memory. The moment you talk to them you get to know what beauty truly dwells in. The external beauty will definitely fade but this beauty of theirs will be captured in your mind forever for its the person to which we are attracted and there’s no going back from this.

You are Beautiful , Embrace it !

Desire was always something that ruined the concept of beauty. We go back to the days when we were small chunkies and like in fairy tales …the girls desired of a tall , handsome , rich, fair boy or you take it as a prince coming from the heavens riding a white pegasus and same way the boys getting attracted to the fairies. Now its even worse when what people desire is big breasts and butts which is all that is beautiful for them. A person being too fat or slim not being considered as beautiful in the era …..all this is so wrongly drawn when people having such kind hearts and showing the slightest efforts of affection are rejected just because it was never something that was  really cared and what made sense were the looks . Popular saying that looks doesn’t matter is indeed a universal truth but also the darkest lie at the same place. How boys and girls get depressed and  start unloving themselves with their insecurities at the peak is a matter of concern. We need to come up. From the starting only in schools , we had functions where the girls with again light tone were selected for the act. In fact if we go into the history and look towards the clothing, we get to know about the women who had to wear corsets to keep their body in shape and I feel damn why?Its high time people change their mindsets , thinking and perception towards beauty as it doesn’t belongs to the ones who are slim or tall but it appeals to everyone who have the courage to fight every battle, do something good for a well being and after all show and spread love.

You are Beautiful , Embrace it !

I said hiding was never a solution. Women using different products just to be what everyone desires, waxing just to look decent in the eyes of society, girls with curly hair straightening them now and then and the teens who start thinking about their flaws just because they got bullied for having acnes on their faces……..u need to know that god created you all like this for a reason, having body hair is a mammalian feature and getting acnes and pimples is a part of growing up so don’t let it bother you at any cost. Let this be the first step in creating awareness in the society where people start holding themselves with pride no matter however they look. Recently after death of George Floyd lot of people came out to the streets for justice and saying that black lives matter. Protests for banning a beauty cream which misinterpreted fairness with beauty, many people joined it and yeah these are the steps we need to take. We don’t need to change ourselves according to people, right ones will come up to you and love you the way you are. This is all we need to do…..change the minds of people, accept ourselves the way we are and its more than enough.

Remember, everyone is beautiful in their own way and this beauty cannot be taken away from you.


Heyy this is Riya - a free spirit girl .....sharing and revealing the fascinating secrets , truths and joys of life.

58 thoughts on “You are Beautiful, Embrace it !

  1. It was really ‘BEAUTIFUL’ . I liked the way you clearly told about the real meaning of beauty. This shows how beautiful you are from inside☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️

  2. Oh my god Riya… Really did a grt job… Glad to see you speak on such an important yet neglected issue… These are the changes we must have to have a better and a healthier environment to live in… Self love is the best medication for everyone… I just truly loved the way in which you threw light upon such an important issue in such simple yet so beautiful words… Really too proud of you… Just keep working this hard and bring a change in this world with your powerful words❤️

  3. What a beautiful thought you have brought into the notice of the Society.we should inspire true beauty instead of artificial beauty

  4. It was overwhelming and extremely captivating to read ,it not just only make me realise what real beauty is but also made the society understand how to judge someone’s beauty

  5. Riya did a great effort to compile the glimpse of beaty in a beautiful manner and order as well. The strings you have woven with essence of great observers , is awesome.
    Keep it up.God bless you,dear💐

  6. Excellent effort to tell the actual means of real beauty instead of artificial beauty to the society and it will definitely insist the people to think about real beauty. I am proud of you .
    Keep it up . God bless you.

  7. Ony a few, who can really differentiate between real beauty and the showoff beauty can elucidate it so beautifully ❤️❤️. Writing it with such a Proficiency is a blessing. This trait isn’t ubiquitous at all, keep writing such articles💯✌️. Keep Scintillating!!!!☺️☺️

  8. कभी कभी लोग खूबसूरत होते हैं। दिखने में नही, न ही वो जो कहते हैं इस वजह से खूबसूरत होते बल्कि जो वो खुद होते हैं, वे इसलिए खूबसूरत होते हैं

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  10. That’s soo true bro☺️….it’s always pleasure to read your work……. and ofcourse the way you express all those thaughts that are hidden somewhere deep inside most of the people…. is just soo amazing and pure ❤️❤️

  11. I think that is why most people seek some form of spirituality. We want to feel connected to something and to be loved. Kind of like blogging. Henryetta Sawyere Neal


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