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5 Things you should never gift your dad!

This has been another year when I’m not with my father on this fathers day! I miss those celebrations. Late night dinner, family gatherings, and all those precious memories ♥ . I’ve thought over the past few days what to gift to my father. I’ve rather been asking others to get ideas. It’s very rare that […]

Fixing the Trust

Hey guys!! I’m back with yet another new one ;). I have been working on so much for you these days, just to deliver you what you people have opted for. After writing for this long, it’s now my duty and responsibility to bring up the thoughts which matter to us the most. And what […]

Don’t Run

While I was thinking about a title for this write-up, I thought I should not fancy something which would probably push you into giving second thoughts about its content. *coz I want readers obvio* So, I have decided that from now onwards, whatever it’ll be, I will try to maintain simplicity and consistency, so that at […]

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